When we are born our knowledge of our parents is very limited, but over time we grow and begin to know them more. If we do not, something is wrong. The same is true when we are born again. We get to know our parents’ habits, vocabulary, and the sound of their voice when they are happy, sad or angry. This is all a part of ‘knowing’.

We are continually surprised when we find out more information about our parents. Of course, we never know them fully. Perhaps there are thoughts and secrets they don’t share.

There are many people we know about, like celebrities, sports people and politicians. We know of them but we don’t know them, and often our understanding of them is skewed, narrow or inaccurate.

We must ensure that we do not know Jesus in the same way. It’s not enough to know about Jesus and, in fact, the picture portrayed of Him by the world is very different to who He really is. We have to know Him for ourselves, personally. And there is so much to know! So many mysteries and unanswered questions. That is why Paul, despite knowing Jesus personally, was still able to say, ‘I want to know Christ.’ (Philippians 3:10 NIV)

Let us strive each and every day to know Jesus in all his depth, beauty and wonder, and not just to know about him.


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