Toward the end of 2020, one of our pioneers from the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) visited a barren Sri Lankan couple who had tried everything for a miracle to conceive, including visits with multiple doctors and temples.

The pair was so desperate to be with child that the wife had previously tried to end her life by setting herself alight, no longer able to bear the social stigma associated with being barren.

Through God’s grace, our pioneer was able to minister to the couple who eventually decided to follow Jesus and who, in wanting to know more, opened their home up for prayer. It was during these prayer meetings that our pioneer learnt of their burden.

Shortly afterwards our pioneer, along with a pastor / CV field coordinator, revisited the couple’s home to pray specifically for a miracle. Not even a week later there was good news in the household! Six months on the pregnancy remains viable and the family’s excitement continues to grow. 


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