The Man in White : Southeast Asia

Reach muslims for Christ

“My husband and I got divorced and my life went downhill fast. I was depressed, stressed out, and constantly questioning whether or not my life was worth living. Things went from bad to worse, and eventually I tried to commit suicide by jumping into a well four meters deep and half filled with water. I was certain that in a few hours I ‘d be dead.

But then I heard a man’s voice tell me that he wanted me to live. I cried out, “Lord, help me!”

I don’t know how it happened, but I managed to crawl out and get home safely. It was a miracle.

Later, at home, I remembered that my 8 year old daughter had been having dreams. She spoke of a man dressed in white on a white horse and said that every time he ‘d appear, she ‘d have an overwhelming sense of peace.

One day she saw a picture of Jesus and said, “That’s him! That is the man in my dreams!”

From then on, she refused to recite the Quran, nor did she attend her Islamic classes at school. She asked only to meet Jesus and His disciples. I realised that Jesus had first spoken to my child in order to prove Himself to me. So I accepted Christ and got baptised not long after.

My community immediately rejected me. No one was buying food from my stall, and that was the only source of income I had. Yet, despite all this, the Lord never failed me; He always provided for our needs and still continues to do so.

Where I ‘m from, there is no other person I can study the Bible with so I study myself, even though I would love to be discipled and taught more about Christ.

Please pray for my child and I, that we will be able to grow in Christ and share the good news to those in my area.”

– Ana* a new believer in a remote part of Southeast Asia


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