The Heart

During an average life of 70 years, the heart will beat 2.6 billion times. What an amazing organ! If it misses just a few of those beats, then your life is over.

When the Bible refers to the heart, it is not just talking about a pump or an organ. It is referring to the desires, intentions, emotions and spiritual condition of the person.

If your heart is failing you can have a heart transplant but, for that to happen, the donor must die. What a picture of Jesus that is: he who died so that we can have a change of heart. Anyone who has received a heart transplant will, I am sure, be eternally grateful to the donor. However, changing the physical pump does not change the desires, intentions, emotions and spiritual condition of the heart.

 When we accept the free gift of God’s salvation, obtained through his death and resurrection, then we have a radical spiritual change of heart. The old heart that was stained by sin is washed clean. The desires, intentions, and emotions are redirected Godward. We are changed from death, which is inevitable even with a transplant, to eternal life. Our life is extended to trillions upon trillions of heartbeats. Extended, in fact, to an incalculable number.

There are many people on a waiting list to receive a heart transplant. There is no waiting list for God’s change of heart. We just have to call upon the name of Jesus.


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