Last month the Africa team at CV Africa & Middle East launched a webinar series called Why Digital? to introduce individuals, ministries and churches to the multitude of ways that digital media can be used to reach more people with the message of Jesus.

The idea behind Why Digital? was born from the ever-growing opportunity we now have through social media and technology to take the gospel message into the world.

Through a contemporary lens, this webinar breaks down key aspects of online evangelism and looks at how churches can use tools already at their disposal to remain effective in their ministry practices while navigating the pandemic landscape we currently find ourselves in. 

The first webinar saw Nona Jones, head of Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook, share her wealth of experience and insights on how the Church can leverage social media to build thriving communities. Nona’s speaking points included her passion for digital discipleship and social technology, how to build on and progress from a traditional model of church, how people globally have been searching for church online, as well as an offering of practical tips on how Facebook can be used as an outreach tool. 

The next webinar focused on the likelihood that moving forward churches will have to adopt a hybrid model that features both online and on-site delivery, and how this will look on a practical level.

The Church and all those involved in ministry find themselves in a transitional phase as we react to the impact of a global pandemic. How can we reach those who are isolated in their homes and away from the church building? Tune in to find out.

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