Temptation is part of life. We all get tempted, even Jesus himself. To be tempted is not wrong, but how we respond matters. 

I have heard it said in the world, ‘resist everything, except temptation’, because temptation is very hard to resist. Sometimes it seems that the more we try to resist a particular temptation, the more we find ourselves focussing on it. And, when we fail, we feel disappointed with ourselves, perhaps even condemned. 

Temptation goes back to the very origin of man and woman in the garden of Eden. There were so many trees in the garden yet the very reason they were told not to touch the fruit of a certain tree, was what increased the fascination and attraction. It was therefore easy for Satan to plant doubt into the mind of mankind, and we have seen the world of pain that brought.

Temptation that is succumbed to is a destroyer. Temptation that is overcome, however, is uplifting. It brings about a sense of personal achievement when temptation has no power over you.  

Temptation is so important that it is included in the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus overcame temptation by quoting scripture back at the devil and, though the devil persisted, he ultimately left and the angels came and ministered to Jesus.  

Similarly, if we know the scriptures that are most pertinent to the area we feel most vulnerable to, we can lay them before the Lord in prayer and claim his promises.

Let us learn to quote them to the enemy so that we can experience the freedom and the sense of joy as we overcome.

Sin shall not have dominion over you ~ Romans 6:14.



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