yesHEis Takes Part in Intentional Discipleship Conference: Philippines

The CV Philippines Team recently attended the 2019 Intentional Discipleship Conference, for which 11,000 people came together to learn how to intentionally disciple and evangelise nations. We felt like it was one of the most meaningful and moving conferences we have ever attended.

As a yesHEis team, we have experience in engaging with the community. We were able to give advice on faith-sharing online and talk about the potential the internet has for spreading the Gospel.

Together with the youth movement Elevate, we were able to share our experience on how to reach out to young people on campuses and in the online space.

Our goal has always been the same: to equip believers to really take action and share their faith, whether offline or online. We loved having the opportunity to present the yesHEis app as a personal evangelism assistant on this faith-sharing journey, to conference participants.

Please pray for partnership opportunities for us, so that we can equip more people to spread the Gospel and get fresh ideas on how we can reach others for Christ.


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