Sweeter Than Honey

“Your words were found, and I ate them, And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” (Jeremiah 15:16) 

A remarkable story of faith and community empowerment demonstrates the truth of this verse. 

A CV pioneer in Guinea reported on how his fellowship was engaged in a community upliftment project, which was aimed at empowering individuals by teaching them the art of manufacturing bee boxes. This would enable them to become skilled beekeepers. During this upliftment project, CV’s pioneer took the opportunity to share the gospel with those who were being trained, and he touched the lives of many of the people who participated in a profound way. 

Throughout the training, the pioneer introduced a comprehensive discovery bible study. A man named Ibrahima* found himself deeply moved during the shared bible reading sessions. The pioneer saw this and extended an invitation for Ibrahima to join a supportive WhatsApp group where regular bible teachings were circulated. 

Before long, Ibrahima became an active participant within this encouraging online community. During a session in which Matthew 28:16-20 was studied in the Pular language, Ibrahima made the life-altering decision to accept Jesus as his Saviour. 

After participating in a salvation prayer he was baptised and since then, his faith in Jesus has been steadily growing.

We praise God for guiding Ibrahima towards his salvation and that God’s word will continue to be sweeter than honey to him. We pray that God will bless the pioneer and his fellowship’s vital work in uplifting the community by leading them to Jesus.


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