Sharing Jesus Without Fear

For many people, it can be overwhelming to share the gospel of Jesus with friends and family. In this latest CV resource, we hear from Amanda and Nic as they recall the conversation that led to Nic’s salvation.

This is a fantastic resource to share with your church congregation as it breaks down the common fears associated with sharing faith, trusting God’s divine timing, and having patience.

The conversation between Amanda and her friend Nic shows how our actions – as Christians living in Christ – can often speak louder than our words.

Nic recalls how it was Amanda’s life decisions that drew him to her the first time they met, even before he knew she was a Christian. After she shared her faith, a seed was sown in Nic’s heart and as the two continued to spend time together, the seed grew – nurtured by Nic’s curiosity to know more about the Christian faith.

This video recalls what happened during that life-changing conversation and how Nic was so impacted by Amanda’s words as well as her actions, that he decided to commit his life to Jesus.

To download and share this discussion between Amanda and Nic with your congregation, click here to get started.


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