Sharing Faith

Tess contacted our Europe yesHEis team wanting advice on how to share her faith without overwhelming or scaring people away. One of our response team members, Brigitte, worked with Tess to help her to feel comfortable to introduce people to Jesus. She reminded Tess that introducing people to Jesus is a gift and that a relationship with him need not be intimidating. Brigitte prayed for Tess and they stayed in touch.

Tess wrote back recently, thanking Brigitte for her prayers and her advice. A friend had recently asked Tess about her faith and she was able to share in a relaxed and natural way. Her friend asked questions about being a Christian which Tess felt comfortable to answer and they even read Bible verses together. Tess and her friend have continued their conversation about Christianity and Tess feels very confident and empowered.

We pray that Tess’s friend will accept Jesus into her heart and that Tess can continue to spread the message and connect people to Christ.


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