Share Your Jesus Story: Indonesia

share your Jesus story

Samuel* has a friend who was struggling with depression. He was using drugs and drinking to avoid the pain of his parent’s divorce, and his life was going downhill fast.

Wanting to help his friend, Samuel decided to encourage him toward Jesus by sharing his Jesus story.

After sharing his personal story with his friend, Samuel also shared a video from the yesHEis app. Samuel had come into contact with yesHEis through Instagram, and had downloaded the faith-sharing app to his phone.

After hearing Samuel’s story and watching the yesHEis video, the friend’s mind began to open and his life started to change. He stopped using drugs and stopped his drinking habit completely. Right now, his life is so much better.

Please pray for Samuel and his friend, that they would both can grow closer to Jesus and stronger in their faith. Pray also that more Indonesian Christians would be mobilised to share their personal Jesus stories with their friends and family.


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