‘Sewing’ Seeds of Salvation

Ibu Maria is a devoted Christian widow who shares the message of Jesus with Muslims in Southeast Asia. She tirelessly feeds, sews and prays for thousands of people in need everyday.

‘I hate sewing’ Maria says, ‘but because of love I sew, to win them to Christ. Love is hard! I sell anything I have and the Lord has always given me so much more in return…

…I give everyone the best, including the thousands of poor people we feed daily, by changing recipes daily and making the food look as good as it would in a restaurant.’ Each day Maria prays, ‘Lord, give me your heart’.

Some years ago, a Muslim man had a dream in which Jesus told him to visit Maria and have her baptise him. Maria was very surprised at the man’s request, but, after having him sign a document declaring he had not been coerced into baptism, she agreed.

The man Maria baptised now leads a large number of Christian believers in his Muslim community. Once Maria herself became known to our NPI team, we were able to support her with discipleship training, and well as connect her with our partners. What a blessing she is for all.


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