Sending Church Blessed : Impact Madagascar

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We are often encouraged by the impact of our NPI pioneers on the communities they are being sent to, and we celebrate the hundreds or even thousands who find Christ through their faithfulness in sharing the Gospel.

However, the impact of this work isn???t confined to the communities or villages these individuals are sent to. Often, the communities or churches they are sent from are also invigorated by this work.

In November, we were in the wonderful position of being able to help with the completion of the building of one of the sending churches involved in our NPI program in Madagascar. This church, in the town of Tulear in the south-west of the island, has been instrumental in helping us equip and send out pioneers in Madagascar, and has seen incredible growth due to the momentum building up around this.

However, the church hasn???t been able to install a floor in its building, since this is prohibitively expensive in Madagascar. Up to this point, church members have had to make do with a floor of sand. This month, we were able to make a partial contribution towards the installation of a concrete floor, and it was incredible to see how this inspired and mobilized the sending church and its members.

Despite harsh conditions (it???s hot here, and rock has to be crushed by hand due to lack of equipment!), many church members made their way to the building to help, ultimately completing a task in only nine days that should take five or six weeks! At one point, a group of church members spontaneously gathered at the building for an impromptu thanksgiving meeting to thank God for what He is doing in and through the church.

In the words of Project Coordinator Nic Strydom: ???Thank you, Jesus, for their enthusiasm and commitment!??? Let???s thank God for the many ways in which the NPI program strengthens and inspires His body.


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