Searching For Jesus : North America

We have been receiving many responses through CV Outreach, and the pastors of our church partners have been responding to these people. It???s been such a great testimony seeing people connect online directly through to a pastor that can listen and support them in prayer.

One of the pastors had some really great feedback on the program: “We’ve had a wonderful experience to this point, we are getting people reaching out with questions after watching the video on our landing page. It’s exciting to be able to follow up with them and help them get a step closer to Jesus. We are looking forward to our ongoing relationship and to expanding what we do with them moving forward. I highly recommend CV Outreach to you and your church.”

Here are a few of the responders the pastors have been engaging with:

“I’ve had questions about spirituality for years and no one seems to be able to help me. I am spiritually lost, my faith has been broken, and I feel as though my soul is wandering around lost. I pray but not the way I should. My personal life is in turmoil and my wife and 3 kids can see it but I can’t. I am truly at the bottom and I don’t know where else to turn!”

“My name is Lois, I’m a married nurse and have 4 school aged kids. I wanted to give my kids more, so I moved the family 3 hours away from home to a fancy house. Well, I cry everyday all day since we moved back in July. My kids and husband are doing good but I’m not. I lost my career, lost friends, miss my family, took my kids from their friends, created debt and ruined my credit. I feel overwhelmed with guilt. People were shocked we were leaving. The school invested so much time and love into my kids and I just left. Again I ask myself why would I so selfishly uproot my entire family for a house? Can I get some good advice? I can’t seem to find happiness here. Wish I could go back. People are forgetting us and I can’t let go. Please help me, pray for me. ”

“I just watched the video and I’m going through a rough patch right now and I just have all these emotions going on at the same time and just don’t know what to do.”


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