Satria’s Story – A Death Sentence

Satria, one of our national pioneers, was raised in a fanatical Muslim family. Whilst studying at college, Satria was introduced to Jesus and became a believer and follower.

Satria soon felt called to share his faith and his testimony with his family and friends. When he returned home to share, he discovered that his family already knew of his conversion and they had convened a religious court. His family stated that he was no longer their son and declared his death sentence due to his departure from Islam.

In front of family and friends, Satria’s uncle poured petrol all over him. As the match was about to be lit, Satria’s mother screamed, ‘Stop!’. She ordered them to release Satria on the condition that he never return to the village. Satria agreed.

Heartbroken but relieved, Satria left his village. By God’s grace, he moved to a village where he met Yanti, a woman from his tribe. She too had found Jesus and had become a CV national pioneer. She welcomed Satria and became like a mother to him. Yanti and Satria are now pioneers together and spend their days spreading the Gospel to the local Muslim community. 🙏


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