Salvation Transforms Young Suicidal Girl’s Life: Russia

Anna* wrote to us: “May I speak my mind what I think about my life here?” The following message was very touching: “I am hated by my classmates. I am betrayed by my friends. I am tired to live a lie, please, help. I am on the edge. I want to die. But I know that my life shouldn’t end with suicide. Even thinking about it makes me feel awful. Please, tell me what to do.”

The young girl was very desperate and needed someone to talk to. We could provide her with the support she needed. One of our online missionaries met Anna with compassion and encouragement. The missionary told Anna how God is always there for her, looking after her and she could call upon his name any time. She asked if Anna wanted to recognize and explore her personal relationship with God.

As Anna began to pray and develop a closer relationship with God, her circumstances changed gradually. She found peace, rest and relief from all her negative emotions, in the Lord.

Our team member continues to support and encourage Anna on her journey.

Please pray for her spiritual growth.


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