CV Outreach has recently been launched in Croatia. Please continue to pray for our team in this country as we begin to impact families right where they are, at home!

Already we are making a difference.

A pastor from one of our CV Outreach church partners replied to a message he received from Peter*. 

“We began to correspond, and I saw that he really wanted to talk about God,” the pastor said. “He asked that we meet in person so that he could better describe the situation to me.”

The pastor went to the man’s house and found his family gathered around the dining table. The grandmother was sick in bed.

“The entire family looked reserved, and the man immediately told me that they were Catholics and that they strongly believed in God. I told them about how I was converted. The moment I shared with them the full gospel story – that Jesus died on the cross because of our sins – the atmosphere in the room changed, and their faces began to reflect trust.”

The pastor said that questions were pouring in from all sides like, “How can I be saved? How can I be forgiven?”

“I prayed with them a prayer of repentance and salvation.”

Following this, the son of the man admitted in front of everyone that at the age of nine, after watching a video about vampires, he made an alliance with Satan, wanting to become a vampire.

“The family all agreed that the next week he would come to our church for prayer. They have a lot of questions, and the boy wants us to pray again to make sure everything is resolved.”

Let’s pray for this family and our new Croatia team as they share the gospel of Jesus in this country.


*CV Outreach connects people who encounter evangelistic content online to a local church or believer near them, providing a bridge between the online and offline world and a valuable opportunity to engage in conversations about Jesus. Learn more here


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