Restoring Hope : NPI Eastern Ukraine

NPI Eastern Ukraine have a happy story of how the church can be an encouragement and make a difference. The church is on this earth to reflect the nature of Christ as well as all it is He has to offer for those who believe. The role of the church is to be a safe haven and a place where people can meet hope and see their lives transformed. This is one story about how Jesus restores a family and transforms not one but two lives:

A young girl and her mother live in the Donetsk region in a small city on the front line. Our missionaries work in the region with people who didn’t leave after the war started. This young girl’s mother had been drinking a lot due to financial difficulties. But when missionaries began conducting workshops for kids, the young girl joined the crowd. Eventually her mother started visiting too just to simply check up on her little daughter. Some time later the mother stopped drinking and became sober. While she has yet to find a job and is still in financial struggle, she has started to see life differently and has really changed.

The young girl and her mother began attending church together where they soon started taking part in the life of the community. Connecting with other people and living in community is how Jesus designed us, allowing us to thrive when participating with others. It became very obvious that God was there for this family and was helping them overcome their difficulties. The support of the church impacted their lives significantly. The mother had noticed how her daughter’s behavior changed since the moment they started attending the church. She became very helpful around the house and easier to live with. She met a lot of new friends and also celebrated her birthday at church with other boys and girls. Her mother told us that she felt much more secure whenever her daughter was spending time at church. Both are thriving in the life of the church. We pray we can see more families impacted by the love expressed through our churches.

Please pray for peace in Ukraine, for our missionaries, as well as for new churches in the East.


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