Prayer Restores Livelihood

Akar* and his wife Marlar* were farmers. Akar suffered from terrible knee pain for a long time. He was unable to work because he could hardly walk. One day one of our local Pioneers came to visit the farmer couple.

The Pioneer shared the Gospel with both of them. She told them about how powerful Jesus is and that he wants to save and help us in this earthly life and our eternal life after that.

When Akar heard that Jesus is able, he asked if he could receive prayer for his knee pains. Our pioneer took some coconut oil near her, anointed the knee with it, and prayed for Akar’s pain and injury to vanish in the name of Jesus.

After being prayed for, Akar could stand up and walk his cows to his farmland.

A few weeks later, the couple again were visited by the Pioneer. The pain in Akar’s knee had not returned and he felt fully recovered.

Please pray for the work of our National Pioneers. May the seed that they plant grow and bear fruit in the hearts of the people they visit.


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