Restored Relationships

For almost two decades, Mariela* listened to CVCLAVOZ online and read the daily devotionals sent to her. During some of her most difficult days, when her marriage was in trouble and she felt desperate and alone, Mariela found comfort and inspiration from this platform. 

It took Mariela three years of seeking God to find Jesus and surrender to Him. From that day on she has dedicated several hours every day to reading his word, listening to his teachings, and praising his presence in her life. 

After reconciling with her husband, she prayed for a church where they could worship together. God answered her prayer, and in January of this year, her husband also accepted Jesus with an open heart.

Mariela has discovered that with God, nothing is impossible. She realised that he is always by her side and that she is never alone, even if she hasn’t always seen him in the same way that she does now.

Mariela believes the daily devotionals were instrumental in helping to calm her fears and fill her with grace and love. His word has become her daily nourishment and transformed her life completely.

Mariela considers the CVCLAVOZ team to be her family in Christ, as they embody the patience, loyalty, and love that characterises Jesus. She is grateful for the unforgettable moments with God that she has experienced through their messages.


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