Restoration Through Partnership: North America

Brad* and his wife have been separated up to 5 times over the past couple of years, and have a three month old son. Brad suffers from combat-induced PTSD as a result of his courageous service in the US military. When he connected with CV Outreach, Brad was living apart from his wife, and they were in a difficult place.

In a desperate search for answers, Brad looked online for resources on marriage help. He viewed a CV Outreach video on a church website that was located about 4.5 hours drive away. He filled out a response form, and that response was routed to a local CV Outreach church partner who was in the next town over, about 8 miles away. Brad and Pastor Michael met the next day for coffee with both of their wives. Brad has since begun biblical marriage counseling, has started coming to church, and even joined Pastor Michael’s small group.

God has used CV Outreach to connect this family to the local church, who can now help Brad and his wife to find restoration and healing.

Please pray that we would see all of our church partners make meaningful connections like this one. Pray also that God would restore what has been broken in Brad’s family.


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