Redemption and Recovery

Emel from Colombia contacted our yesHEis team in Latin America expressing his desire to get closer to God. He also shared with them that he was struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Our team responded with messages of help and hope and asked Emel if he attended church. He said that he occasionally went to the Catholic or Mormon church but had no real church connection or community. Our team helped Emel to see that building a personal relationship with Jesus and accepting him into his heart was critical. Accepting Jesus as his saviour would give Emel peace and would fill the void that he was numbing with drugs and alcohol.

Our team asked Emel if he was ready to ask God for forgiveness for his sins and invite Jesus into his heart. Emel was ready and willing and so the team helped to connect him with a church. They also encouraged him to continue his rehabilitation treatments for his addictions. 

Emel recently updated the team to let them know that he’s attending church regularly, receiving addiction treatment and that he feels an inner peace.

Please pray that Emel continues to attend church, connect with God and that he is able to release his addictions.


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