RCV Turns 28!

On 1 December 2022, we marked the birthday of Radio Christian Voice (RCV)! Commissioned in 1994 in Lusaka, Zambia, RCV was the first private national radio station in the country. It quickly grew into a household name for quality Christian content. Over the years, it has been acclaimed as the best radio station in the country and praised for its crucial contribution to the local gospel music industry. 

In this short documentary, we captured the journey of RCV and its major milestones so far. We invite you to watch it in the spirit of celebrating what God has done in this ministry so far. 

As we reflect at this time, we recognise that we are entering into a new, amazing season. In expectation of this, last year, we went through an extensive rebranding. This included a new visual identity and a revised mission. Our new tagline is, ‘Your Home Since ‘94’’ and it resonates with our audience who have loyally followed us from our early days. 

With our revised mission, we have shifted from the mainly evangelism focused work we did, to mobilising the local church. Statistically, Zambia has one of the highest percentages of Christian population in the world at 95 percent! Despite the largely Christian population, there is still a need for cultivating a deeper relationship with God through training and discipleship.

We are excited for the year ahead and ask you to keep us in your prayers. Why don’t you tune in and give us a listen from time to time? Our wide variety of shows offer something for everybody!


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