Simple Truth

The Simple Truth App is for those looking to deepen their understanding of the Bible and what it has to say about everyday life. It teaches a foundation of faith that is easy to understand and quick to access.

Simple Truth started live as a radio program, followed by a book which was translated into multiple languages. The Simple Truth book was distributed around the world and used by new Christians and people of all kinds of backgrounds exploring faith, to help deepen their understanding of Biblical truth.

Now CV has developed the Simple Truth App, enabling new Christians to access the same teaching anytime, anyplace simply by downloading the free app.

The app is divided into easy to read sections, which take the user on a journey of understanding the Biblical context of the Church. The user’s exploration of different topics is automatically tracked and saved so that they can simply pick up where they left off. Simple Truth App is also a website for churches to use in a group setting.

With a heart to see people all around the world deepen their faith, CV are once again on a mission to see Simple Truth translated into local languages (we have 7 languages on the app so far).

So the Simple Truth is just that – a simple exploration and explanation of Biblical concepts and the God who loves us, designed for those who have just begun to understand the profound love God has for them and want to know more.

Download or find out more about the app at the site.


Corina Esquivel
Corina is a Social Media Specialist for CV UK. Born in Mexico and raised in Canada, she is currently living and learning in Birmingham. She is a photographer who is passionate about showcasing people's stories.
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