Sharek Online translates to “share online” in Arabic. It is the first evangelistic app of its kind in the Middle East and it helps Christians in the region share their faith through Christian videos. Already we are seeing Christians throughout the Middle East begin to recognise the immense opportunity in their hands and through the Sharek app, we hope to mobilise even more local Christians to be proactive in starting conversations about Jesus with the people in their world.

At CV, we also recognise that Middle Eastern culture values face-to face interaction. So in addition to short videos on the Sharek app, we also produce long evangelistic movies and screen them at events throughout the year. By presenting the Gospel message offline in various cities throughout this region, we often witness people finding Jesus for the first time through creative media.

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Abigail Jones-Walker
Abby is a Marketing and Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. Passionate about travel, missions, and womens rights, she studied International Relations and Communications and has a heart for helping refugees. She loves meeting new people, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with scented candles.
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