Real Answers to Life

Originally developed as a way to identify what areas of struggle North Americans are dealing with most, Real Answers to Life has become a valuable destination for engaging with online ‘seekers’ through live chat.

A primarily young and questioning audience visit Real Answers to Life when they are dealing with issues such as drug addiction, financial troubles or marriage struggles. They have the opportunity to see a Gospel Presentation video, and can engage real-time with a dedicated team of Christians. These live chat conversations are a confidential outlet for many people from all over North America.

We believe that providing ‘seekers’ with a safe place to have honest conversations is the first step in a journey towards Christ. If you know someone who needs to talk in confidence with a supportive Christian, day or night, feel free to refer them to


Chad Hugghins
Chad is the Marketing and Content Manager for CV North America. He is a father to Birk and a husband to Signe, is an Arts Advocate for his local community in Dallas, and enjoys surfing when he can get to the coast.
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