Radio Christian Voice

Radio Christian Voice is an independent Christian station, located in Lusaka, Zambia, that has been broadcasting to central and southern Africa since 1994. Its aim is to reach all nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through quality Christian contemporary music and programming.

Our goal is to reach people through programming that is current, up to date and relevant to them. Therefore, Radio Christian Voice aims to be the home of the best Christian music and programming, a place where people find great music, good company and a message of hope.

The station works closely with local pastors and the community to achieve its mission: to introduce people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers. In this way, Radio Christian Voice has touched many lives, impacting the nation through its programming that promotes moral values based on biblical principles.

Since its inception, the station has become a leader in providing quality programming that is contemporary and relevant to its vibrant audience, consisting mainly of people in the 18-35 years age group.

Radio Christian Voice has established itself as an innovative, informative, up to date station for news, information on health and the economy, fashion, music and current market trends. All this is summed up in the slogan: Great Music, Good Company and a Message of Hope All About Real Life.

If all that is what you’re looking for, come have a listen here.


Heinz Oldewage
Heinz is the Regional Director for CV Africa. He has a PhD in Theology and has a heart for reaching the African continent for Christ.
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