National Pioneers in Ukraine

In February 2014, the Crimean Crisis began. Protests and unrest between Pro-Russian Separatist Forces and the Ukrainian Government eventually led to the Ukrainian Revolution. And after Crimea was returned to the Russian Federation after post-Revolution protests, war broke out in Donbass.

Before the war, Donbass was the second most densely populated region of Ukraine (behind the capital city of Kiev). This is no longer the case.

The people of this region are lost. All hope has vanished and violence has caused them to live in fear and despair. They are constantly looking for an end to all the madness, and while the Church has been doing what it can, we are seeing that only God can provide true hope and comfort.

Our churches planted in Eastern Ukraine by CV pioneers have been the very places people struggling with the war have come to in search for refuge and answers. It is taking time, but eventually God is healing the physical and heart wounds of the Ukrainians caught up in this terror.

More than 100 missionaries from 5 denominations are already involved with our project, and there are plans to increase this number to 200. We are evangelising in more than 100 frontline communities (cities, towns, villages, etc.) in Eastern Ukraine. Each day, more and more people are finding comfort in the Church as His Word continues to shine a light and provide guidance to those who feel lost. This growing faith has lead to a persevering people, so now, even in the face of war, things are beginning to look better.

Our goal

We hope to plant 100 new churches in the East of Ukraine and to promote missionary work among Christians and local churches within the next three years. Please pray for us as we move forward.



Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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