CV’s Africa office has long been considering the possibility of a pioneer project on the island of Madagascar. Following much prayer and many exploratory conversations, a door has finally been opened for the launch of a project that will see us partner with a team of pioneering missionaries who have been active in Madagascar for the past 18 years.

To date, these missionaries have been active in the Tulear area in the South-West of the island, with the most unreached people group in Madagascar, the Mikea, as the main focus. Five other unreached people groups inhabit the same area.

CV plans to work alongside this team, along with a local, multi-denominational steering committee as they teach handpicked pioneers and youth leaders and train them as evangelists. These pioneers will then be sent out to unreached areas to share the Gospel, start small groups for adults, and youth clubs for youth.

Our prayer is that this work will be the start of a significant move of God on the island of Madagascar, resulting in the establishment of churches and small groups in remote areas and, ultimately, the transformation of a nation through the power of the Gospel of Christ.


Heinz Oldewage
Heinz is the Regional Director for CV Africa. He has a PhD in Theology and has a heart for reaching the African continent for Christ.
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