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With platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope and others finally delivering on the promise of live online content delivery to audiences everywhere, CV Africa has recognized the opportunity to utilize live webcasts in order to further our mission to touch a billion people with the good news of the Gospel.

With this in mind, the team currently broadcasts weekly live prayer sessions as part of an effort to establish a prayer base on the continent. Through these sessions, we hope to galvanize and mobilize Christians on the continent to recognize the power of prayer, and become committed prayer partners as we speak to an ever larger audience. We also look forward to sharing many powerful testimonies of Godly intervention and answer to prayer from this platform!

With tens of thousands of Christians already engaging with these prayer sessions, and countless prayer requests submitted, we believe this new medium represents a compelling opportunity to further our mission and to touch millions with the truth of God’s love. Plans are currently underway to expand the number of live broadcasts, and to produce content that speaks to various other needs and interests.

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Heinz Oldewage
Heinz is the Regional Director for CV Africa. He has a PhD in Theology and has a heart for reaching the African continent for Christ.
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