Church Connect

Historically, the steeple of a church pointed the way to a church family. Today Church Connect does the same in the online world. Not only does it help people find a community of like-minded believers in their local area easily, but it also helps churches put themselves on the map.

Simply by entering a postcode or town into our Church Connect website, a list and map of nearby churches is instantly displayed. We also show church ‘likes’ from Facebook friends, and offer to connect people directly with churches they are interested in via our contact form.

A great advantage for churches is that we advertise Church Connect on Google, making it the “go to” search tool for anyone looking to join a church. Churches can take full advantage of this free advertising platform by filling out their church profile and providing insight into the life of their church.

What’s more, we actually use it ourselves! CV’s heart and passion is to share the Gospel and to help others do the same. So when we have online conversations with people all over the UK about faith, we use Church Connect to find them local churches close-by and then introduce them personally.

Be a blessing and build bridges for yourself and for others through Church Connect.


Corina Esquivel
Corina is a Social Media Specialist for CV UK. Born in Mexico and raised in Canada, she is currently living and learning in Birmingham. She is a photographer who is passionate about showcasing people's stories.
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