All too often, the narrative about Africa seems to revolve around themes like economic challenge and corruption; hopelessness and suffering; lack and inequality.

But the time has come to change that.

What if we could celebrate Africa as a continent of promise? As a place where the love of God is made manifest in the brave and selfless actions of a new generation?

1Africa aims to be just that: A banner of hope in Jesus – an online destination that draws out compelling and real stories of a continent so rich in culture that the world draws inspiration from its wealth. A place created to harness and showcase the creativity and innovation of the those who frequent it.

1Africa uses topics like entertainment, technology, politics, and pop culture as a starting point for conversations about Jesus, taking young Africans on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. Whether it is through discussions about family life and relationships, art and culture, or even fashion and trends, 1Africa is a platform that connects young Africans to real love, a real sense of redemption and salvation – and most of all, to a real God.

With an audience of hundreds of thousands in a number of African countries, 1Africa offers a unique opportunity to communicate the love of Christ to a generation that is set to change the face of the continent.

Africa = Awesome. See for yourself here.


Heinz Oldewage
Heinz is the Regional Director for CV Africa. He has a PhD in Theology and has a heart for reaching the African continent for Christ.
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