Prayers Answered : Africa


We receive many prayer requests from all over the world during our weekly CV Prayer webcasts. One of the most encouraging elements of this platform is when people who asked us to pray for them reconnect months later to testify of God???s provision or intervention.

About six months ago, we received a prayer request from a viewer in Ghana, who asked us to pray for his dire financial situation. He asked that we would pray that God would ???remove every spirit of disappointment from my life,??? and help him to get his life back on track. Our response team started a conversation with the individual. This month, this particular viewer reached out to us again to share what God has been doing in his life: ???After praying, I have been able to secure a business… Praise God!??? He asked us to further pray that God would bless this new endeavour.

Please pray for the many people, just like the viewer mentioned above, who reach out to us through our prayer platform. Pray that God will not only answer prayer and provide for needs, but that He will reveal Himself to those who need him. Pray that these interactions would lead to true encounters with God! ??


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