Personal Relationship with God Heals Depression: China

A young kindergarten teacher had to resign from her job due to severe depression. Even after being prescribed medication, the girl remained in a terrible mental state. Her mother was very troubled by this and committed suicide, which severely traumatised the girl.

The girl’s parents had separated when she was younger and she found it really hard to accept her father and get along with his new wife and her new step-sibling, which worsened her depression even more.

She felt unloved by God and sought counsel from her pastor, but the pastor blamed her mental health problems on her lack of faith and trust in God, leaving her devastated.

Desperate for help, the girl started to follow the yesHEis WeChat account and reached out to us with a message. A CV staff member immediately added her as a friend and listened to her story. They told the girl she could find healing in Christ and encouraged her to read the Bible daily, to develop a personal relationship with God.

This staff member continued to support the girl on her journey and even got to meet her in person earlier this year. They contacted her regularly and recommended Gospel study material available through the yesHEis app and articles published on the WeChat account.

Recently, we received a message from the girl, saying that she is almost recovered from depression and back to working at the kindergarten. She also said she was grateful for the prayer, the help and the company she had experienced.

We encouraged her to share her story with others feeling desperate and in need of comfort so she could give them hope; a living testimony to how God heals people.

Please pray for others who struggle with mental health that they will find rest and healing in Jesus too.


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