When considering how the pandemic has transformed the way churches do evangelism, and the catalyst it’s been for moving ministry online, one of the big takeaway questions is: how equipped are churches around the globe in adapting to these changes? 

With years of experience working in online ministry, we at CV know that navigating this landscape can not only be difficult and challenging but also quite intimidating.

That’s why we’ve made it a priority to help mobilise the church with digital resources that give them the latest tools and know-how to reach people with the message of Jesus.

 This is a calling our friends at Indigitous feel just as passionate about – offering powerful digital solutions and strategies so you can confidently engage with the Great Commission.

Indigitous recently held a short online film festival where more than 100 volunteers chose to share Jesus every day by using short films published on social networks, including some of our CV Resources videos.

This is just one of many examples of how we as the Church can work together and support each other while moving through these unknown times. It fills us with great optimism and hope, that our collaborative efforts will greatly impact how effective and true we remain to the calling of evangelism.

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