No Longer Lonely and Addicted to Drugs: Australia

Jonathan* was trapped in a dark and lonely place. He was addicted to drugs and sex, and felt depressed and suicidal. In the midst of his pain, Jonathan reached out to CV through the Jesus Bot on Facebook. Here, he asked to know more about Jesus, and what Jesus could do for him.

Over a series of weeks, our team corresponded with Jonathan, giving suggestions and offering connections to local community services and a church. Eventually, Jonathan made a decision to follow Jesus, and our team prayed with him.

As a result of this decision and the support of our team, Jonathan’s life has been transformed. He is no longer taking drugs and his health has improved. He is no longer isolated and lonely, and he has access to positive relationships and a church community. Reading the Bible has now replaced his addictive behaviours.

Please pray that Jonathan would be fully restored and well connected into the church community. Pray that he would continue to move forward in his relationship with God, his health, and in surrounding himself with people that have his best interests at heart.


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