Mother’s Cry to God Saves Her Son: Impact Eastern Ukraine

When a family faces hard times, and especially if their struggles concern children, they often turn to God for help because He is able to solve problems that seem impossible to overcome with manpower.

Marina* relied on God for this exact reason. She came to an evangelistic tent in the centre of Zolotoe village, that was constructed by the missionaries of one of the teams working in Eastern Ukraine at the moment.

Marina’s son had been brutally beaten up and imprisoned. He was fighting for his life. The mother was desperate and attended the tent service that day to cry out for help to God because He was her last hope.

In the following weeks, Marina constantly prayed for her son to stay alive and become well again. God answered her prayers and granted her request.

Today, her son is freed from his prison sentence and started to contact believers to learn about Christ. He hasn’t fully turned to God yet, but we believe that the work of the Holy Spirit has already begun in his heart.

Marina herself is now attending the local Good News church on a regular basis. She actively participates in church life and community, attends all church services and has a thankful heart.

Please pray that the Lord will continue to work with and through this family and that they find peace in Him.


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