Model School Serves the Community: Impact East Timor

As part of the East Timor NPI that seeks to build indigenous, self-sustaining churches, we established a children’s school. The school is an opportunity for the church to connect with and impact the community, and it has been endorsed by the East Timorese government as being a model for best practice in early childhood education. The school is a financially self-sustaining business, and the East Timor Education Department provides funding for the local teachers.

The school recently held their graduation ceremony. The event was based on the theme, “Values for Life”. Ours was the only school graduation in East Timor attended by the Deputy Minister for Education.

We created a poster for the ceremony that used the image of a tree and its “fruit” of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This created a lot of attention and interest. In fact, so much online and offline interest was generated that we had other schools asking to rent our poster and use our online digital image for their school posters and flyers.

Because our children’s school is financially sustainable, we can help with other charitable activities, including subsidising needy children. Through this, we have generated enormous social goodwill in the local community and are positively impacting the next generation by education hundreds of East Timorese children.

Please pray for the families of every child who attends the school, that they would come to know God. Pray also that we may continue to positively impact the community through the East Timor NPI.


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