Melissa’s Story

With almost ten million abortions across Africa every year, many of those within a context of poverty and crushing social need, the team at CV Africa chose to address this weighty topic with a video about a young Capetonian woman who found hope in Jesus despite a dark chapter in her past. Melissa Hertz fell pregnant at age 14 and opted for an abortion, not knowing that it would change the course of her life completely. Locked in a battle with guilt and shame that would leave her feeling worthless and suicidal, Melissa’s struggle ultimately caused her to call out to God. In choosing to turn it all over to Jesus, she found the peace and forgiveness she was longing for, while also learning to forgive herself. In creating this video, CV enabled Melissa to share her story in churches across South Africa, impacting many young women facing the same struggles she did. This video was promoted across numerous CV Africa platforms, including the yesHEis app and the 1Africa direct evangelism site, and has been viewed tens of thousands of times. It has also been used by a number of women’s ministries in their own campaigns.


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