Let Us Pray

You will keep in peace the one whose mind is firm on you, because he trusts you. Isaiah 26:3

We reached the end of February thankful to God for his blessings. There were some difficult moments, such as the sudden departure of a friend and pastor who was the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in Venezuela and one of the coordinators of the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) project. He passed away in a car accident together with his wife and daughter, and it has been a very painful time for everyone. Still, we know that the Lord is in control of everything.

The outbreak of the new Coronavirus is also something we are concerned about. We are praying that the Lord will have mercy on this country, as we know that Venezuela is not prepared at all. According to doctors, Venezuela has the potential to be a very fertile field for the virus. We have a large problem with malnutrition here, especially among the elderly and children, and there is concern about the lack of medicines and hospital materials such as masks, gloves and syringes. The rationing of water in this country, including in hospitals, is also very worrying.

Despite all the adversities, the mission work continues to progress. This month we opened two more churches. Each church we open is very rewarding because, in addition to consolidating a work that started from nothing, and in the midst of crises, it also reveals God’s special care for those who love him.

Please continue to pray for Venezuela and the work of the NPI here.

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash


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