Launch of yesHEis Mini App: China

The new yesHEis Mini App mobilises Christians on WeChat to share the Gospel with their friends. Since the app was launched in the Chinese Lunar New Year holidays, we received numerous responses and comments from young users who  feel encouraged and compelled to share their faith. We selected four stories to share with you:

Ying* followed the yesHEis WeChat account and messaged us asking if we had any materials that could help her grow in her faith and share it. One of our team members started chatting with her online and shared the yesHEis Mini App with her. Ying told us she now feels ready to share the Good News with friends by using the Mini App tools.

Fei* was struggling with moving from a rational faith to a heart-based faith. She said she had no experience and was not really inspired to share the Gospel. We encouraged her to tell her faith story to people around her and live out faith in her workplace. We introduced her to the yesHEis Mini App and gave her some faith-sharing tips too. She now feels ready to share the Gospel with people.

Chao*, a male engineer, read about the yesHEis Mini App online. He contacted us to learn more about yesHEis and CV. He was very excited to get in contact with a faith-sharing organization, and also about our mission to “touch a billion” and “impact a nation”. Chao said he would like to join us as a volunteer and contribute his technological expertise to our team. He frequently uses the yesHEis Mini App, now and is now striving to improve its functions to help Christians share their faith more effectively.

Please pray that the yesHeis Mini App will successfully call and equip more young Chinese Christians to share their faith.


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