Largest Ever Christian Gathering : Pakistan

I recently had the opportunity to witness one of the largest ever Christian gatherings ever in Pakistan this month.

After an invitation by Pastor Imran Fazal, who I had met at a conference in Nepal, I found myself in Lahore, Pakistan. I was more than keen to make my way to this part of the country after hearing of a revival taking place; and I was also curious of the depth and breadth of it.

In my week in Pakistan I met with Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal who started this local church 17 years ago. Now every Sunday, 40000 believers come and meet to experience God! Along with a Christian TV station called ‘Isaac TV’, the gospel is reaching nearly every home of this predominantly Muslim nation. Miracles are happening through visions, healings and deliverance. I was able to travel with the team to the town of Peshawar, on the border of Afghanistan where we held the largest ever Christian gathering. Over 15000 plus people attended the meeting in this often volatile region. I had the privilege to share the Good news with many accepting Christ for the first time.

I was blessed to not only witness but also participate in what God is doing in this nation.

CV is now looking at partnership opportunities with Isaac TV for the expansion of the Kingdom!


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