Just the Right Time

God’s divine timing has never been so obvious than in this incredible testimony of a man who came to know Jesus just weeks before he passed away from a sudden heart attack.

Sumathipala, aged 62, connected with CV through Facebook and asked our Community Specialist to help him to find employment.

The specialist knew of a position as a watcher in a coconut plantation, so it was arranged for him to take up this role.

The plantation where he started working was a vast expanse of land, filled with 1 1/2 acres of coconut trees. During his time there, Sumathipala said the coconut cultivation was abundant and he felt his prayers had been answered with such a blessing.

During his short stint as a watcher, Sumathipala decided to speak with his manager about Jesus and he was also introduced to a CV pioneer.

Although the pioneer continues to minister to this manager, he has said that he feels like all his anxiety and fear have been driven away by the grace of God.

Miraculously, all of this came to be in just three weeks before Sumathipala sadly passed away.

Our CV Pioneer said that when he first started speaking with Sumathipala, he felt very comfortable with God’s love and that even though he is not with us anymore, he chose the correct path for his life and showed another person the miraculous wonder of the love of Jesus.

All glory to God.


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