Content Specialist,

Develop inspiring video content for a variety of digital platforms.

Join our content team and assist with all stages of production including; conceptualisation, scriptwriting, final grading, and encoding. We value skills in teamwork, quality control, and interpreting and executing creative brief documents. Experience in the film/creative industry and online media plus competency in copywriting & the Adobe Creative Cloud suite would also make for the ideal candidate.

If you possess all the qualities mentioned above, as well as a great work ethic, and a willingness to share the Gospel with Africa and the world, please submit your CV and Cover Letter to Jeanette du Preez at



Characa Rosandi
Characa (aka Chachi) is a Communications Assistant for CV Asia Pacific. Due to his passionate hatred towards boredom, he has grown to become an individual with so many hobbies and interests. He loves all sports but aspires mainly to be in the creative industry as a scriptwriter & entrepreneur. On a side note, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, & Fire is his favorite song, and he can't wait till the time hoverboards go commercial.