7 Nov 2016

Content Manager (Bangalore), India

Manage the content requirements of an active community of Christians and Churches engaged in online evangelism.

The Content Manager will lead and train teams of staff and volunteers while ensuring that the content functions of yesHEis are operating effectively with respect to the resources, funding, and personnel available. More specific responsibilities include:
○ Sourcing content – Working with Christian video production professionals or other yesHEis teams to access existing share-worthy content.
○ Commissioning content – Working with Christian video production professionals to create content specifically for yesHEis
○ Creating content – Managing the production of content for yesHEis (alongside in-house video production teams)
○ Ensuring that the content available on yesHEis is of the highest creative standard
○ Producing and managing the Gospel video (the short presentation of the gospel in video format)
○ Ensuring all content used on yesHEis does not breach local copyright or intellectual property laws, is used within the terms of its licensing agreements and where original content is produced by or for yesHEis, ensuring the relevant rights and permissions have been sought and retained.

We require a minimum of 5 years experience at a national content management level and a minimum 3-year university degree. Experience working with internationally-based organizations would be an advantage. Having a working knowledge of local copyright, intellectual property, licensing agreements, rights and permissions laws for creative content and a deep understanding of the gospel is important. We’d also like you to be perceptive of potential ‘bridges’ between non-Christian culture and the Gospel and have a deep understanding of contemporary non-Christian culture. Please send your outstanding portfolio, show-reel or samples of recent work to