Interactions in April : India

Last month our team had some encouraging conversations with people that are seeking God. Here are a few of our favourites:

Anik* saw our video about overcoming demonic oppression and expressed to us that he also had this kind of oppression. After conversing with him for sometime, we connected him to a church counsellor and prayed with him. We are praying he will be delivered.

Anita* is 19, and both her parents have passed away. She has been feeling depressed and sad ever since and is not allowed to go out or to meet anyone. Her relatives are not letting her continue with her education, forcing her to do housework instead. One of our team members shared with her that only God can help her and asked her to pray. She asked us if there really is a God. We ‘re praying that she will commit to searching for Him.

One of our yesHEis users shared, “I ‘m in great admiration of your initiative to evangelize in such an effective and interesting way to captivate today’s world who are more often seen online more than anywhere else in the world. I will storm heavens for your wonderful ministry. Thanks so much for setting me on fire.”


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