Inspiring Gospel Transformations Across Nations

At CV, one of our goals is to introduce a million people to Jesus every day, especially in areas where the gospel is not widely known. We achieve this through social media advertising, impactful evangelistic content in multiple languages, and dedicated on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities. 

Our deep love for all people, respect for cultural diversity, commitment to overcoming barriers, and belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel, are the driving force behind our efforts to share the message of Christ with unreached people groups.

Every day, we witness the life-changing power of God’s word in the lives of individuals worldwide. Some recent testimonies from people who have experienced this are shared below. 

This story comes from Somalia about a Somali man named Ahmed*.

Ahmed’s journey began with a chance meeting online with one of CV’s pioneers. They engaged in a conversation about Christianity, during which Ahmed shared a misconception he had heard about Christians. He believed they were free to engage in fornication. However, this misunderstanding became an opportunity for a meaningful discussion about the true teachings of Jesus.

The pioneer gently shared 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 with Ahmed, emphasising the importance of fleeing from sexual immorality and honouring our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. These verses deeply resonated with Ahmed, and he found solace in the clarity of God’s teachings. As the conversation evolved, our pioneer explained that salvation is only in Jesus and that he promises redemption for all who choose to follow him. This struck a chord with Ahmed, leading him to make the profound decision to say, “I want to follow Jesus”.

Ahmed’s journey stands as a beautiful example of how sharing the gospel with love, patience, and understanding can deeply impact lives.

These next two stories come from the diverse and culturally rich nation of Mali, where Christians constitute less than 3 percent of the population. 

In a challenging religious landscape, two dedicated pioneers, Sam* and Amadou*, work tirelessly to spread the message of the gospel to unreached people groups across the country. As CV pioneers, their mission involves triggering movements to Christ through indigenous evangelism and discipleship, fostering self-sustaining churches. They undertake this task while confronting challenges such as deep-seated traditions, geographical barriers, and political instability.

We share two encouraging testimonies from Sam and Amadou illustrating how small acts of kindness and hospitality can powerfully reach people for Jesus.

Working among the Bambara in Mali, Sam had a pivotal encounter with a man named Moussa* during a bus ride. Moussa, an elderly Muslim man, was on his way back to his village to fulfil his late father’s religious obligations. Burdened by the weight of these religious duties and ancestral obligations, Moussa opened up to Sam about his life, work, and faith. As their conversation unfolded, Sam introduced Moussa to the teachings of Jesus. Touched by the liberating message of the gospel, Moussa chose to accept Jesus as his saviour.

In another part of Mali, Amadou and some helpers, organised an AGAPE meal for the vulnerable community among the Soninke. They used this occasion to emphasise the message of love and acceptance found in Jesus. During this event, they met a young man named Ibrahim*. His life had been marked by an absence of maternal love, which left him with deep emotional wounds. However, as Amadou shared the message of God’s love with him, Ibrahim realised that God’s love extended even to vulnerable individuals like himself. The profound love displayed by Jesus on the cross touched Ibrahim’s heart, leading him to commit his life to God. Overcome with newfound hope and acceptance, Ibrahim has begun sharing the gospel with others.


Please pray for all of our CV pioneers, that they will maintain their vital work and that the gospel continues to make a positive change around the world.


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