Inspiring Christians to Live on Mission: China

Wendy, a Christian lady who shares the Gospel with children suffering from leukemia, was recently featured on our Portrait II yesHEis campaign. With approximately 4 million leukemia patients in China, half of whom are children, this is a vital ministry.

Wendy’s Portrait tells her personal story of extraordinary difficulty and grace. During a serious surgery in 2012, her hearing was impaired. She then suffered from depression until God spoke to her, saying: ‘Fear not, only believe! ‘ (Luke 8:50) God led Wendy through the toughest journey and, five years later, called her to tell her story to children with leukemia. These children are desperately searching for hope, and many have accepted Jesus as their Saviour.

Wendy’s Portrait has had great impact, and many viewers have written to say that it has inspired them to live life on mission and to introduce others to Jesus. After reading Wendy’s story, one young Christian lady asked us to connect her with Wendy. She used to suffer from leukemia and now wishes to serve other sick children.

Please pray for yesHEis in China, specifically for our efforts to mobilise Christians to share their faith. Pray that God would lead us in helping more young people to live on mission and share Jesus. Pray also for the children with leukemia in China, that God’s blessing and grace would rest on them and more Christians would be inspired to bring God’s love to these children’s lives.


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