What is Impact Data?

Data displayed here reflects the global Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our two primary strategies: Touch-a-Billion (TAB) digital evangelism activities, and Impact-a-Nation (IAN) on-the-ground church building activities. Not all CV data is present in this app.

How do I use it?

- View data in the global or regional view by clicking on a region on the footer.
- View TAB and IAN data at global or regional level. Data will automatically adjust.
- To go back to the landing page view, click on the ‘global’ region button in the bottom left, followed by 'global’ in the top left.

What are the shining dots on the globe?

Dots represent the location of a user that visits a CV website or page, platform or social media channel. Platforms such as Facebook does not allow us to track the location of users, so this is a limited visual indication of CVs online reach.

How old is the data?

The data is updated once a month. While TAB data is dynamic and can be drawn from platforms, websites and social media everyday, IAN data is supplied once a month by our pioneer missionaries on the ground, in often challenging third world locations. This means it can sometimes be late or unavailable, as shown by the “-“.

What is Story of Impact?

On a monthly basis CV teams submit testimonies from their regions. The system will display one of those stories depending on the regional view you are in.

What is Trending Blog or Video?

Depending on the regional view you are in, the system automatically displays the most clicked CV blog or video. These are the actual content pieces being used by regional teams for their digital evangelism activities.

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Introductions to Jesus



People Evangelised
This month's story of impact
Single Mother Impacts Her Community: Impact Southeast Asia

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Touch-a-Billion projects use effective media platforms to introduce people to Jesus in the world’s major languages, and mobilise Christians to share their faith.



The number of people that have been given the opportunity to hear the Gospel message through CV activities.


Introductions to Jesus

The number of people who have heard the Gospel message.



Where people have connected with us to take their next step in their journey toward God.



The number of Christians equipped to share their faith so that the work of evangelism continues.



We run on-the-ground initiatives in areas and times of particular opportunity.


Supported Pioneers

Number of active supported pioneers.


Attendees Meeting

Number of people regularly attending pioneer fellowships or churches.


People Evangelised

Number of target people reached/touched with the gospel.


Pioneer Successors

Number of successors from target group discipled as pioneers.


Believing Converts

Number of new converts from target people group and locality.


Baptised Believers

Number of baptised converts from target group and area..


Pastoral Replacements

Number of believers from target group prepared as pastors.


Fellowship Locations

Number of meeting places established through a national pioneer.


Sustainable Churches

Number of house churches financially supporting their own pastor (min. 10 families).