Hope in the Night: Africa

Have you ever struggled to fall asleep at night? Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through social media sites searching for answers to the problems that keep you awake?

One of the most powerful aspects of digital media is the ability to target specific groups of people in specific circumstances with tailored pieces of evangelistic content. This why one of the most successful videos in our region the last few months has been one aimed squarely at this group of people: desperate seekers browsing social media sites between the hours of midnight and 3am, in search of hope. The video is titled Hope in the Night.

Having seen a positive response to this video through search traffic on our CV Outreach network, we decided to also target social media audiences with this piece of content in the hope that it would give us a unique opportunity to speak life and hope into many desperate situations across Africa. The response has been overwhelming.

One such responder is Mary* from Nigeria. Mary is currently being treated for leukemia but is too sick to move and doesn’t have financial assistance to remain in hospital for treatment. Her sickness keeps her awake many hours in the night. Thanks to this campaign, we have been able to pray with her and connect her with a local pastor who has visited her at home. Please continue to pray for the healing of Mary’s body.

Richard* from Ghana also reached out to us and asked how he could give his life to Christ. We were able to lead him through the salvation prayer and encouraged him to connect with a local church in his town.

There are many more encouraging stories of how God has used this campaign to draw people closer to Him. Although the campaign ran in a very limited window of time each night, we found that for every four seekers that were introduced to Jesus through the content piece, one seeker would reach out to engage with us.

Please continue to pray that Jesus will reveal himself to those who desire peace and rest across our continent.


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